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The DuBose Group at RealtyEdge Brokers

Let us provide you with a marketing edge!

Why We Should Help You

We would love the opportunity to assist you with the important
process of selling your home. We believe that to properly sell a
home, it must be priced correctly, professionally promoted and
photographed well. Th is guide explains the processes we will
use to assist you with selling your most valuable asset.

Photography Professionals

At D2 Real Estate Photography, we specialize in capturing stunning, high-quality photographs of both the exterior and interior of your property. With our state-of-the-art equipment and keen sense of composition, our images are guaranteed to captivate viewers and entice them to explore your home further. 

Drone Certified

With our FAA Part 107 certification, we are proud to offer professional aerial photography services for your property. We prioritize doing things the right way and within the bounds of the law, which is why David has completed the necessary FAA classes and passed the test. When it comes to drone photography on your property, it's essential to ensure that the operator is licensed and insured.

Social Media Marketing

At The DuBose Group, we specialize in driving social media marketing success for your property. With our strategic approach, we will promote your property across multiple platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and LinkedIn. Our team plans each post meticulously to ensure equal and effective promotion for all properties. Let us take your property's online presence to new heights.

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